The Site

The Site

The application site extends to 1.69 acres (0.68 hectares) in size and sits along Fraser Road. The site currently occupied by 4 retailers and a car repair garage. Bound to the North by Fraser road, Wickes to the East and woodland to the south.

The site is located in part of Erith which is highlighted in the Unitary Development Plan  as a proposed shopping and town centre location. The rear part of the site abuts the woodland area protected by a TPO.

As a key site for Erith, the site is highly accessible in terms of its location, being situated along the Fraser Road, approximately 0.1 miles from the Erith Quarry Development, 0.6 miles to Erith town centre and 99 bus route immediately adjacent to the site and the 229, 602 and 669 bus routes locally.

Lidl’s project team will ensure that the development is treated sensitively, relating sympathetically to the site and its surroundings whilst also addressing transportation, design and sustainability matters.

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